Home Loan

Home loans are provided to the customers who are willing to buy / construct / renovate property or house.

Having your own home will not be only a dream.  Having one’s own home for family is the biggest aspiration of today’s people. Home loan facility makes it really easy.

We understand the customer’s requirement and propose a customized loan solution as per the customer’s need.  Home loan come with an adjustable or fixed interest rate and payment terms. There are a bucket of options for you, to choose from, as per your convenience.

Benefits and Features:

1. Home loan come with longer repayment tenure

2. Need to give other property as mortgage the home itself the existing property can be given as collateral.

3. Tax benefits can be availed from home loan.

4. Spouse parent or any co applicant is required to avail the best home loan

5. Home loan is a type of secured loan therefore the interest rates are low.

6. The home loan amount depends on various factors that are income credit history locality type of house etc.

Eligibility Criteria:

Your home loan eligibility is to be determined on the basis of:

1. The applicant should be above the age of 21 years and the repayment has to be done by the age of 60 or maximum 65.

2. Nature and continuity of employment or business is also taken into consideration.

3. Any applicant can get home loan irrespective of his profession. Any salary, or a business person can get a best home loan.

4. The applicant should have all regular and steady source of income.

5. Financial history and track record including CIBIL scores are also taken into consideration.

Note:  The criteria differ a bit from bank to bank. The above mentioned criteria are some basic important eligibility criteria.

To know your eligibility now or to apply please call us on 011-45507555 or Email us at info@viinomeadvisors.com

Documents Required:

1. Identity proof – Aadhar Card / Driving License / Ration Card / PAN Card / Voters ID / Employee ID

2. Age proof – PAN Card / Bank Passbook / Passport / Driving License

3. Address proof- bank passbook or Bank account statement / Voters ID / Aadhar Card / passport flash utility bill (telephone, electricity, water)- latest month / registered rent agreement / property tax

4. Income proof- salary slip, bank statement, form 16 (for salaried individual) Last 3 years it return, last 2 years balance sheet and profit and loss account of the firm (for businessmen or self-employed)

5. Passport size photograph

6. Application form with photograph properly filled and duly signed.

7. Valuation report from approved or authorized person.

Note: The documents required differed from lender to lender. The above mentioned documents are common and generic those are required mostly.

To know more or to apply please call us on 011- 45507555 or Email us at info@viinomeadvisors.com

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