Our Services

Personal Loans:-
ViiNOME as a fastest growing financial distributor provides you a simple and hassle free process for personal loan. We provide you the quick service with minimum documentation and maximum funding. Basically there are two types of personal loan: Secured and Unsecured. Personal loan can be taken for a variety of personal reasons. It can be used for any of your personal need.

Auto Loan (Used/New):-
Auto loan is a kind of secured loan, which means that the lender serves the vehicle as collateral. It is a small loan for shorter tenure which is becoming very popular nowadays. One can still use the car or vehicle while it is kept as Collateral to the bank. If the borrower fails to pay back the loan the lender could seize the collateral and get recovery from it. After payment of dues the borrower is again entitle to repossess the vehicle.

Business Loans:-
You want to set up a business, buy a new machinery, increase your working capital or expanded the business in PAN India i.e. New Delhi, Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow, Kolkata, Patna, or any nearby city come to us, We will stand with you. ViiNOME Advisors offers you unsecured business loan which will suit your business plan. We provide quick and hassle-free funding flexible interest rate that will suit your business to bring you in the top of your business.

Loans for Professional:-
as the name itself suggest that this kind of loan are taken by the working professionals such as doctors, Chartered Accountants, company secretaries, Architects and other practicing professionals. This kind of loan plays a vital role for their professional growth and also for foraying into new business domains. This unique loan is available in attractive rate of interest for Greater convenience.

Mutual Fund & Insurance:-
At present, due to revolution in the financial system, it is now possible to borrow funds against mutual fund and insurance policies. Many banks and NBFCs are offering loan against these funds. The applicant needs to pledge the mutual fund unit as security for the loan. As it is a secured loan the interest rates are much lower than unsecured personal loan. A lien document is signed in the name of the lender to give him ownership of the fund units.

SME Loan:-
It is a loan for small medium enterprises for expanding their business and maintaining their factory infrastructure. The SME business loan is a financial aid for such business. Various Banks and NBFCs offers customized SME business loan plans as per the requirement of applicant.

Loan Against Property:-
LAP or loan against property is a kind of personal loan these are secured loans lend by banks or any financial institution after keeping one or more properties owned by the individual as collateral. These mortgage loans can be availed against commercial as well as residential property. No such property is mortgage to to the lender, the individual is still allowed to continue use that property.

Home Loan:-
Home loans are provided to the customers who are willing to buy/construct/renovate property or house. Having your own home will not be only a dream. Having one’s own home for family is the biggest aspiration of today’s people. Home loan facility makes it really easy. We understand the customer’s requirement and propose a customized loan solution as per the customer’s need. Home loan come with an adjustable or fixed interest rate and payment terms.

Machinery Loan:-
This kind of loan is usually taken by the small and medium enterprises who wants to expand their existing business or wants to invest in a new business. Initial product that raises the finance against new and old machinery. It is an urgent capital for buying and upgrading the equipments and also for overall development in productivity. It help the companies to continue running their business without any financial roadblocks.

Over Draft Limit:-
An overdraft facility is provided by bank or non-banking financial company. Can be borrowed upto a certain limit it basically means that you can withdraw more money than what you have in your bank account. Father at the time of repayment you are required to pay interest on the extra money borrowed from your bank account.

Inventory Funding:-
Inventory funding is a kind of short term loan made to a company to purchase products for sale. It is an asset based funding that allows businesses to use inventory as collateral to obtain a revolving line of credit against it.